Greek Oregano

Vietnamese Corinader

Thai Basil

Sweet Marjarom

English Thyme

French Tarragon

BBq Rosemary


When ready, herbs will soon be available for purchase by the bundle.


Available spring 2021

$6 pickup (Angusville) or $7 delivery

(Russell or Rossburn)

Price is per pound


Sweet & Sour Beets

$8.00 - 500 ml

Buckwheat Honey

$8.00 - 300g


Pickled Asparagus in a Caeser Brine

$12.00 - Quart

$20.00 - 2 Quart

Spicy Caeser Brine

Whether you add an ounce to your Vodka and Clamato Juice for extra spiciness or just on its own as an electrolyte. The flavour is undeniable.  Planning on serving roast for dinner? Place the remaining ingredients of the Brine to your roaster for added flavour. 

Try our Pickled Asparagus as a side to your Caeser. 

$7.00 Quart

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